What North Korea’s Olympic delegation observed for the very first time

Some of North Korea&#8217s delegation to the PyeongChang Olympics stepped into a really diverse globe from the sheltered and tightly controlled model of truth they&#8217re accustomed to at property.

It&#8217s not just new technologies the North Koreans encountered on their 3-working day check out. It is the influx of everyone, from all corners of the world.

&#8220[The] ambiance of freedom will be unfamiliar,&#8221 claims Seoul resident Yang Yong-soo, 62. &#8220They&#8217ll almost certainly consider it&#8217s a diverse dimension.&#8221

CNN&#8217s Will Ripley has documented from North Korea seventeen moments and has observed just how diverse the realities are between the two nations.

Public art installation in Gangneung, South Korea.

Art: The art in South Korea &#8212 even simple ads &#8212 is a stark departure from North Koreans&#8217 state-controlled publicity to any form of creativeness or tradition.

Rooms across North Korea attribute notable pictures of the nation&#8217s late leaders, portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Virtually all monuments and public artwork shows across the nation attribute their likenesses or are devoted to the ruling Personnel&#8217 Celebration of Korea.

Foreigners: The North Korean delegates possibly encountered numerous a lot more individuals from distinct cultures and ethnicities on this excursion than they at any time experienced ahead of.

North Korea prides alone on currently being racially pure and homogenous. Inside of the communist country, their exposure to non-North Koreans is tightly controlled. The govt also prohibits North Koreans from coloring their hair any shade but their natural dim black or brown. Unusual hair colors like blue probably amazed them.

Korean BBQ. Such meats are unaffordable luxuries for most North Koreans.

Food: A stark distinction also exists in the wide variety of food offered across Pyeongchang.

Beef, chicken and pork are all unaffordable luxuries for most North Koreans, who have experienced recurring famine and food insecurity.

&#8220I believe they&#8217ll come to feel that what they see with their very own eyes are much diverse from what they learned,&#8221 claims Yoo Hyun, 30, of Geoje, South Korea.

Aboard South Korea&#39s high-speed KTX train.

Transportation: Ahead of arriving at the Olympics, the North Korean delegation boarded the KTX, a large-pace practice that travels virtually a hundred ninety miles for every hour. It&#8217s not just the velocity that is new for them &#8212 their rail and bus network relies on aging, out-of-date infrastructure and technologies. Trains and buses are more mature and slower than their counterparts in the south.

Liberty of movement: Even folks&#8217s movements inside North Korea are point out-controlled. Citizens need to get travel permits to depart their home provinces to go to Pyongyang.

Telephones and net: Cell telephones, even smartphones, are not a unusual sight in North Korea&#8217s funds, but South Korea&#8217s totally free and open web is. North Koreans in Pyeongchang are barred from accessing the web. The nation&#8217s stringent censors would possibly have discovered a good deal of the content material &#8220yellow,&#8221 a North Korean time period for inappropriate and subversive. Material crucial of their nation, their method and most importantly their chief, Kim Jong Un, would have established off instant alarm bells.

Tv: The delegates almost certainly got their first prospect to see television that wasn&#8217t managed by the state throughout their pay a visit to &#8212 if they have been permitted to view Television set unsupervised, which is not likely. Despite the fact that North Korea is reduce off from the internet, it does have state-managed intranet and tv channels, though the content is monitored and censored. Smuggled media material, on thumb drives and DVDs, are unusual luxuries in the region.

The brightly lit streets of Gangneung, South Korea.

Avenue lights: Flashing lights and neon signs dot the streets of Pyeongchang, a big departure from the often darkened streets in North Korea.

Cars: There are substantially much more automobiles on the streets of South Korea than the members of the delegation would at any time see in the north, including brand new domestic designs. In North Korea, several of the autos are older imports.

Electrical power: The couple of escalators and elevators across Pyongyang are typically stalled by electricity outages. Even with the influx of website visitors for the Olympics, electricity has remained continual in Pyeongchang.

&#8220I consider they would have been stunned by services on their own,&#8221 claims Incheon resident Yang Yu-jin, 22. &#8220They have occur out following getting confined, so I think for them it&#8217d feel very free and new. They&#8217ll think it&#8217s like encountering a new planet.&#8221

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