After School: Where Art Meets Technology

This film is going to be available on the web from The month of january 16, 2017.

Armenia grew to become independent in the Ussr in 1991, however the country continues to be affected by its Soviet past.

“Armenia continues to be altering quite fast, but you may still have the legacy and also the luggage that originated from the Ussr and it is past … After I gone to live in Armenia, I realized the Armenian educational system … was missing the creativeness, the versatility, the issue-solving part, and there’s a large have to link education with technology so that you can create a new generation of competitive Armenians,” states Marie Lou Papazian, who’s on the pursuit to offer an alternative choice to the standard education model.

She’s the Chief executive officer of TUMO, a totally free, creative after-school activities center in Yerevan, Armenia, teaching “maker” skills, for example 3D printing, website design, film and animation.

At TUMO, technology and art merge to supply teens having a edge against your competitors inside a digital world.

With use of condition-of-the-art technology and a few of the world’s leading professionals in website design, robotics, animation, film, music plus much more, TUMO teens ought to make use of their entrepreneurial intuitions to produce and expand the limitations of today’s cutting-edge industries.

“As being a teen is actually difficult in Armenia, many of the teachers come from the Soviet system, so you’re a bit unclear about that which you learn, but here [in TUMO] … you make new friends, who’ve new ideologies … making this a very unique place,” students states.

The center is dedicated to building skill sets inside a context where traditional industries are declining and also the creative industries appear to provide new possibilities.

“In TUMO, you select what classes you would like, and, according to that, put forth workshops that you simply love … it is different. You’re more free here than in school. In TUMO, you do not have grades and it is ok should you fail. You study from failure. But in school, should you fail its bad,” one student explains.

The show follows students and teachers to discover the way the learning provided by TUMO even compares to Armenia’s very traditional condition school education system. We meet students and teachers, in addition to a former student of TUMO who’s now while using experience and skills acquired in the center.


By Tim Froggatt

A couple of things struck me initially when i first showed up at TUMO to organize for filming. One was the multitude of youthful people who eagerly attended. I’d arrived just like the first mid-day session was beginning and I needed to fight all things in countless spirited teenagers to create my method to reception. And also the second factor was how high-tech everything is. Encircled by banks of computers, information screens and visionary architecture, I truly felt like I’d walked to return.

Countless students were acutely researching video game design, web design and robotics. Among the students described in my experience that Armenia does not have natural sources like gold or oil. They cannot build their country around such things as that, so their future lies using the people with technology.

TUMO merges technology and art to supply teens having a edge against your competitors inside a digital world [Al Jazeera] 

TUMO is promoting its very own condition-of-the-art computer-based education platform, in which the students can educate themselves in regards to a huge selection of subjects. They pick subjects that interest them and pre-plan an outing of the items they are likely to uncover, planning 2 or 3 a considerably long time.

It’s a number of walking gemstones, carefully designed to enable them to achieve a specific goal. This “learning path” can change and adjust because they make progress or possibly even change their mind.

However, I had been surprised to uncover it is not no more than we’ve got the technology. By coincidence, although i was filming there is a good amount of activity within the arts – music concerts, furniture design, fashion workshops, graffiti exhibitions. There have been a wide variety of things. Whether it’s intriguing and valuable to teenagers, then TUMO appears to get it done.

Even just in the artistic disciplines they utilize the most advanced technology. The scholars make videos of art and graffiti projects and distribute them in their substantial presence online.

The background music students’ own compositions appeared to be professionally mixed, using industry-standard software applications by certainly one of rock music’s most accomplished producers. Not even close to his hometown of La, he was relishing the chance to utilize these youthful people. It had been apparent they loved dealing with him and that he loved dealing with them. So much in fact, the workshop sessions frequently extended late in to the night or perhaps in to the weekends.

Likewise, after i visited another TUMO center in Gyumri, I discovered how one robotics student had stored her workshop leader there until after ten o’clock during the night – so engrossed and determined was she to resolve a hard problem and discover something totally new. Obviously, when dealing with such enthusiasm, the visiting expert was more than pleased to remain.

With use of condition-of-the-art technology and a few of the world’s leading professionals in website design, robotics, animation, film, music plus much more, TUMO teens ought to expand the limitations of today’s cutting-edge industries [Al Jazeera]

Although I had been there, they formally announced they’d be opening their fifth TUMO center. This latest cutting-edge building depends within the small village of Koghb close to the Azerbaijan border, and will also serve a number of other villages within this remote region.

The difficulties here can be really not the same as individuals within the busy capital of Yerevan. In remote regions with small under-resourced schools, they have to, not just supplement the nation’s curriculum, but additionally complete the gaps which are missing in students’ education.

This center is going to do even more than just educating the neighborhood teenagers. One thing that TUMO does would be to achieve out and run occasions through the neighborhood. It plays a part in enriching the broader community and sits as a fundamental element of society. The Koghb center won’t be any different. They can have plans to utilize youthful soldiers in a nearby military base. Military services are compulsory for Armenian boys once they turn 18, and offers a problematic interruption for their studies because they change from senior high school to college.

Despite all of the challenges, I am certain this location will end up just like effective as those that I visited.

During the period of filming, I came across that TUMO is essentially even more than its high-tech facilities. It’s an alternative way to do education. It is a philosophy about getting involved – giving students the opportunity to operate in teams, to operate on projects, to produce things and also to follow their passions. They find out more by doing this, since it means they are would like to learn. Which comes with an impact beyond just Armenia’s youthful people.

Indeed, it appeared that whomever I spoke to – the taxi motorists, the waiters, the marketplace traders – they’d all heard about it and spoken with a large smile. Everybody was.

Source: Al Jazeera News

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